Tedeschi criticizes Keating for support from special interest groups

PEMBROKE – Peter Tedeschi, former President and CEO of Tedeschi Food Shops and candidate for U.S. Congress, is criticizing Congressman Bill Keating for accepting over 52% of his total campaign contributions from special interest groups.

“Special interest groups corrupt the political process and prevent representatives from being focused on the work of the people,” says Peter Tedeschi. “Over half of the money Congressman Keating has raised comes from special interests. That money influences our lawmakers, and it is time to get it out of this process. Only about 1% of contributions to my campaign came from these groups. We received more support for this campaign from within the 9th District, and that is a true measure that people here are ready for a change.”

According to FEC filings, Congressman Bill Keating has raised over $1.1 million this campaign cycle, with over $570,000 coming from Political Action Committees (PACs) and special interest groups.


FEC Filings available via the Federal Election Commission


November 2, 2018

Maureen McInerney, Communications Director