Tedeschi criticizes Congress, Keating for poor record of productivity

PEMBROKE – Peter Tedeschi, former President and CEO of Tedeschi Food Shops and candidate to represent the 9th Congressional District of Massachusetts, is criticizing Congress for their exceptionally low productivity in 2017.

The 115th Congress had the least productive first year of a Congressional term of the past forty years. Just 74 bills and 23 joint resolutions were passed into law in 2017.

“Congressman Keating and his colleagues have forgotten that they are elected to work for the American people in D.C.,” says Peter Tedeschi. “It’s time we start holding our representatives accountable the way that working families are here in the 9th. I am committed to work in a bipartisan way to deliver results.”


October 5, 2018

CONTACT Maureen McInerney, Communications Director