Peter Tedeschi Statement On Congressman Keating’s Shutdown Hypocrisy

Pembroke, MA – Peter Tedeschi, candidate for Congress in Massachusetts’ Ninth Congressional District today issued the following statement in reaction to Congressman Bill Keating’s blatant hypocrisy in voting to support a government shutdown.

“In 2013, Congressman Keating rightly recognized the need to avert a shutdown of the federal government in order to protect critical government support and services for the residents of the Cape, South Shore and Islands. Today we are forced to question the Congressman’s motives, after his support for shutting down the government clearly appears to be motivated by blind partisanship,” said Tedeschi. “We deserve a representative in Congress that will place the needs of our region before partisan loyalty and typical D.C. gamesmanship,” Tedeschi added.

BACKGROUND: In 2013, Bill Keating took to the airwaves to oppose a government shutdown, citing the ability of cancer patients to access critical therapies (Watch). In 2018, Congressman Keating voted to shutdown the federal government (House Roll Call).

ABOUT PETER TEDESCHI:  Peter Tedeschi was born and raised in Norwell, and has remained a resident of the South Shore for his entire life. He and his wife Katherine raised their three children in Norwell, and are the proud grandparents of their granddaughter Quinn. Peter attributes his strong moral compass to his upbringing that placed great value on family, faith, country and the service of others. These values passed down to him by his parents and grandparents have been evident throughout his life as a father and in his leadership as an SVP at Putnam Investments, the CEO of Tedeschi Food Shops and as a proud member of the Executive Board of Directors for Friendship Home.