LETTER: We should always be grateful for law enforcement officers

Peter Tedeschi / The Standard Times

November 1, 2018

Too many issues today have become politicized. Support for our law enforcement should not be one of them. I want our law enforcement officers and our first responders to know that I am eternally grateful for their sacrifice and commitment.

Brave men and women put themselves in harm’s way, each day and in each one of our communities, to keep us safe. Our local, state and federal law enforcement officials deserve nothing less than our respect, gratitude, and support in return. This is not an issue for just Democrats or Republicans, this is an issue for all Americans.

While traveling throughout the 9th District, I have had the honor and privilege of meeting many of our police officers and first responders. They share a sense of caring and profound commitment to the communities that they serve. They are ready and willing to run towards danger so that others may escape it. We should be doing everything in our power to fight for the resources and policies necessary to keep them safe.

I say many times on the campaign trail that the number one responsibility of people we elect, at all levels, is to keep us safe. As a candidate for Congress, I have gained a unique understanding of the needs of our police and fire departments across Southeastern Massachusetts, and I want to help address their challenges at the national level.

If I am elected, you will always have a friend, supporter, and advocate in Congress fighting tirelessly for you. You deserve nothing less, and we’ve never needed you more. You are the Thin Blue Line that stands between civility and chaos. Keep the faith!

Peter D. Tedeschi is a candidate for the Massachusetts 9th Congressional District.