Keating has “Ultra-partisan record,” according to Tedeschi

PEMBROKE – Peter Tedeschi, former President and CEO of Tedeschi Food Shops and candidate to represent the 9th Congressional District of Massachusetts, called on Congressman Bill Keating to defend what Tedeschi says is an “Ultra-partisan record” in Congress.

“Congressman Keating’s ultra-partisan record in Congress is unacceptable and unproductive,” says Peter Tedeschi, Republican challenger to Congressman Keating. “In today’s political climate, we should be looking to replace partisans with pragmatic leaders, focused on doing the work of the people and not the bidding of a party.”

Congressman Bill Keating has served four terms as a Representative from Massachusetts to Congress. Based on his record in 2017, Keating became the most partisan member of the Massachusetts delegation, dropping in The Lugar Center’s Bipartisan Index from 222nd nationally to 364th.



September 24, 2018


Maureen McInerney, Communications Director