Championing Truly Representative Democracy
Plagued by hyper-partisanship, political rhetoric and the crushing influence of special interests – Congress is broken.

I am running to deliver results for our district, not score points for a political party.  I believe that only through bipartisanship, transparency and a workman-like effort can we fix this important institution.

Building a Highly Educated and Competitive Workforce
Our region is blessed to be home to so many hard-working and creative people.  When we create more pathways to affordable high-quality education, workforce training, and reduce the burdensome red-tape that stifles innovation, we allow more of our hard-working families to realize the American Dream.

Investing in Infrastructure
To support economic growth in our region, we must address our long-neglected infrastructure. I want Massachusetts to get as many federal dollars as possible coming into the district for road, bridge, and rail improvements. I will also advocate for early and sustainable investment in repair projects, so that we are not faced with the crippling closures due to major repairs that ultimately cost taxpayers more.

Climate resiliency must be an ongoing focus in order to keep our residents and homes safe from the ever-more devastating storms. These projects may need federal authorization, oversight, and financing, and the district needs a representative that will be able to work with and for the district to undertake these large developments.

Demanding Accountability and Transparency 
Our federal budget today lies at $4 Trillion, growing $1 Trillion, or 30%, in the last 10 years – with a national debt over $21 Trillion, representing $60,000 per citizen.  In the absence of accountability and transparency, politicians in Washington have allowed this problem to reach critical levels, leaving our children and grandchildren to pay the bills.  Before we ask taxpayers for another dime, Congress needs to undertake a serious and honest assessment of spending policy.

Ensuring Affordable Health Care
Every American should be guaranteed access to high quality healthcare without having to worry about mortgaging their future.  In a debate plagued by partisanship, no side has offered the solution we need. I will work across the aisle to find practical solutions to reduce the cost of prescription drugs, serve those with long-term illness, and save Medicare.

Overcoming the Opioid Crisis
The opioid crisis has devastated our community.  While Congress has paid lip-service to this growing epidemic, it has failed to act.  We need increased education, access to treatment, and tougher penalties for drug traffickers – and Congress needs to appropriate the resources to make it work.

Creating Safe Communities
The number one responsibility of government is to keep its citizens safe. In every community, we must support first responders – providing the staff, equipment and training to allow these honorable men and women to do their job.

Honoring our Service Members
Our veterans deserve our respect and appreciation for the sacrifice they have made to protect our freedom and to keep our country strong and safe.  Over the years, our military personnel have served our nation with great distinction, oftentimes serving in unimaginable conditions and making tremendous sacrifices. Our heroes must be guaranteed access to the best healthcare, education and employment opportunities we can offer.

Reforming our Immigration System
Diversity and the contributions of generations of immigrants have made our region great. With that greatness, comes the understanding and compassion that lead us to continue a proud tradition of welcoming others.

I believe we need immigration reform that rewards those who follow the rules, while maintaining public safety and empowering law enforcement with the tools to remove bad actors.