Election 2018: Tedeschi Challenges Keating For MA’s 9th District

Alex Newman / Patch Staff

October 22, 2018

A South Shore native and former CEO of a Massachusetts-based chain of convenience stores is looking to unseat seven-year congressman Bill Keating. Republican Peter Tedeschi says he’s running to represent the 9th Congressional District to “give back to an area that has been so supportive of him and his family for generations.”

Tedeschi says what sets him apart from Keating is his career as a businessman. On his campaign website, Tedeschi vows to remain bipartisan and limit himself to three terms if elected. He told Patch the biggest challenge facing the district is partisan gridlock in Congress.

“I don’t believe either party has a monopoly on good, or bad, ideas,” he wrote in an email.

Tedeschi’s platform includes building an educated and competitive workforce in the region, investing in infrastructure, reevaluating federal spending and ensuring affordable healthcare. He told Patch if elected, he will vote on legislation “on its merits and its impact on the communities of the 9th District, rather than voting strictly along party lines.”

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