Thank you

When I committed to get in to this race, I wanted to make sure that, regardless of the outcome, I wouldn’t have any regrets. This meant leaving it all on the field and conducting myself in a way that would make my wife, family, friends and supporters proud. Every step of the way, myself and my team strived to keep it honest, positive and dignified.

It’s time to put partisan bickering aside and to encourage our elected officials to work in a collaborative fashion. This means reaching across the aisle and across the country to do the work of the people. If they are able to do this for us, we owe it to them to support them in return. If they are not, we need to let them know that their services will no longer be required.

I want to thank my wife Kathy, my family, friends and volunteers for the support you provided me during this campaign. Friends like you make a process like this worthwhile. It’s people collecting signatures on a cold, rainy and windy day. It’s people getting up long before the sun rises to standout on an expressway bridge when it is only 25 degrees outside. Being surrounded by people like you encouraged me to fight harder each and every day. You have believed in me as much as I had wished to serve you, and the last thing that I wanted to do was to let you down.

The central theme of this campaign has always been “Putting People First”. When I reflect on this journey, I will not focus on the election that we lost. Instead, I will remember the many friends we made. I’ve always said this was about people, and I am humbled and blessed to have had the opportunity to get to know you. Know that I will never forget what you have done for me in my campaign to serve you!

Be well!

Peter D. Tedeschi


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